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Working from Home

Starting at $1100

What's Included:

  • In-depth credit assessment including a consultation and suggested strategy to maximize increasing your score as fast as possible

  • 12-month of credit consulting services. including monthly status check-in's

  • Help remove incorrect items

  • Dispute items that violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act

  • Reach out every month to give updates and new Info

  • GOLD KEYS MEMBERS BONUS: 2 Credit Cards with the limit of $3k or higher which will prepare you for the next level program which is Business Funding 

Pricing Plan Options:

  • 8 payment of $137.5 

  • 4 payment of $275 

  • 2 payment of $550

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How This Works


  1. Start with a free credit Review : Submit your info through our secure server for a non-obligatory, free credit review.

  2. Receive a Personalized Game Plan: Our team will create an individualized plan of action to improve your credit score.

  3. Restore your Credit: We work with all consumers to: clean up your credit report, negotiate settlements, teach long-term strategies, leverage positive credit.

  4. Get Started Today! Contact Key 2 Success for your free, non-obligatory consultation.

Here's What to Expect When You Work With Us


At Keys2Success, you can rest assured knowing we strive to provide complete transparency throughout the entire credit repair process. We understand how important it is for our clients to feel in control of their financial future and are committed to regularly informing them on the progress being made. This level of visibility gives everyone an extra boost of confidence as they work towards restoring better credit!

Personalized Approach

Keys2Success provides a tailored program that is intended to address your individual credit needs. Our experienced team works with you on an intimate level, gaining insight into the specifics of your financial situation and crafting unique solutions for success. This comprehensive approach can pave the way towards improved credit scores in quicker timeframes than industry standards!

Knowledgeable Professionals

Our team has extensive knowledge in disputing any items on an individual's report that are incorrect or unjustified. Through our diligent efforts and proven track record for success, you can restore your score and get one step closer to realizing major milestones like owning a home or accessing loan opportunities - all without having to break the bank!

Let’s Start Working Together!

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