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A Program You Can Trust!

The Keys 2 Success Platinum membership is a tested and proven lending program that obtains up to $250,000 of unsecured (safe) business credit cards and shows you how to access these high-limit credit cards as cash lines of credit, eliminating the cash advance fees. Each business card provides an introductory interest rate of 0% for an average of 12 - 18 months. Almost all major banks and many regional banks offer these 0% introductory teaser rate cards. Keys 2 Success membership leverages these offers in an organized way to create easy-to-use funding.

The best part about Unsecured Business Credit is that it's setup without appearing on your personal credit, risking collateral or assets, giving up equity in your deal or business, having to complete complex financials, or paying high interest rates. These attributes make Unsecured Business Credit one of the safest and easiest forms of credit available today.

We created the Keys 2 Success Platinum Membership to help small business owners, entrepreneurs and real estate investors that are struggling with raising capital. Market research shows that most small business owners are unsure how to secure funding and are constantly damaging their personal credit because of business expenses.

We knew that business owners, real-estate investors and aspiring entrepreneurs were frustrated and confused with all the complicated financing options that traditional banks and money lenders offer. So we created a hassle free, completely done-for-you solution so business owners can finally get the funding they need to scale and grow.

In our done-for-you credit card stacking membership our team will directly work with you to create hundreds of thousands in available funding that can be kept at a 0% interest rate long-term. We handle all the legwork, including providing regular updates and we stay in close contact with you and the banks, so that your not required to do any of the work - except activate and use your funding.


Zero Interest - Enjoy 0% introductory interest rates for an average of 12 - 18 months.

Does Not Appear on Your Personal Credit - The unsecured (safe) business credit that we obtain for you will not show up on your personal credit.

Cash-Like Purchasing Power - You can utilize the funding that you receive for any business need. Whether that be to pay for software, tools, business vendors services, inventory, or even sending a wire to purchase an investment property. (We explain how to send wire transfers from your business card to purchase real estate for as little as a 2.85% wire fee). There are no fees when simply swiping and purchasing using the business cards.

Unsecured Safe Funding - Unsecured means that you are not risking your assets, such as using properties as collateral. Additionally you wont give up equity in your business or ongoing real estate deals in order to access and use unsecured business credit, you maintain 100% control of your business and the credit lines.

Up to $250,000 of Unsecured Funding - Clients can expect up to $100,000 or more of spend-like-cash Unsecured Business Credit in 45 days or less and up to $250,000 over the next 12 months, depending on credit worthiness.

Payment Plan & Pricing Options

Business Meeting


Up To $250,000 Business Card Stacking Membership

Get started with Keys 2 Success card stacking membership to start receiving high-limit business credit cards that you can spend, ACH or send a wire transfer from. Over the course of the membership, obtain up to $250,000 unsecured (safe) zero percent introductory business credit cards that do not appear on your personal credit. 

  • Payment Plans Available

  •  Up to $250,000 of Cash Available Business Credit

  •  12-month Business Credit Membership (Done For You)

  •  680+ Credit Score Recommended

  •   2 Credit cards with the Limit of $2,500 or higher 

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